Road Trip Letters #1

Road Trip Letter #1

To Father:

I am heading to Denver today Padre. Although the flight is delayed, I am excited for this adventure. I am ready for a well-needed respite for this weary soul of mine. I’m tired of stressing myself out and second-guessing myself. I need some silence and stillness. And I need to step away from the stress that I have continually placed upon myself.

For some reason Father, I have heaped frustration upon frustration into the depths of my soul. I have both willingly and unwillingly accepted lies and fears into my life. I have become crippled by the presumed thoughts of others. My life has been dictated by the measuring stick of the people around me instead of what you have prescribed for me.

I have become unhealthy worried about about being successful. I feel as though I am not getting “straight A’s” according to the culture around me. According to the report card of the Western World and Western Church’s standards I am falling short in my endeavors. I hate that!

But F it!

F that!

On this trip Father I want you to re-center my heart to your truth. Realign my heart to your heart. Capture my gaze and attention. I narrow my audience to You and to the people that you have placed right in front of me.

I ask that Bobby and I will have a great time with You and with each other on this trip. Get us to New Jersey safely. Let us have incredible fun in between the final destination. Help me to get work done for Barnabas.

Speak to us in any way you want. Lead us to divine appointments. I want to become alive again to You and to the people have placed in my life.

Revive me,



He Hears and Responds to Every Prayer


Take a moment to meditate on these words:

There’s not a prayer I’ve prayed
That You haven’t heard
Not a tear I’ve shed
That You didn’t feel
You’re the God who comes to raise the dead
I know You’ll raise me up again
Who can praise You from the grave
to see the life you gave
Every fear in me You’ve put to rest
It’s the song sing I bring
Of Your faithfulness
And every tear has led my feet to stand
Where the ocean meets the land
Sink or swim I’m diving in
Where the river starts rushing
Where my heart starts beating
For the rhythms of the testing
And the songs of the trials
I will lift a cry up to You
Sung with hope inside my eyes
To the passion of Your heart
Where love starts
I lift my hands if my hands fail me
I’ll bend my knees if my knees grow weak
I’ll raise my voice and sing
I know that You love me
Give me a song to sing
And I will sing it to You God

– Give Me A Song to Sing, Will Reagan & United Pursuit Band


Three Little Words

A few word can make a difference

My soul is arrested and held captive by three little words- You are loved. More specifically, Jesus loves me. I know this to be true, but why do I continually wrestle with this?

That is a question, I cannot and will not answer in this moment. However, I do know and believe this to be true. And I agree there is power in hearing, giving, receiving, and experiencing these words…

About a week ago I had a soul-haunting scene speak volumes on this dilemma of my inner man. While spending time in Lakeland, I got the pleasure to stroll around Lake Hollingsworth almost every morning and evening. It was a special time that I spent alone with God meant for prayer, silence, relaxation, detoxing, and for taking pictures of the beautiful scenery.

With these objectives in mind, I ambered my way around the lake in a contemplative fashion. Each step was an attempt to get closer to God and free from myself from stress. On one of these strolls, in the evening, while utterly stressed, and distressed, I had an encounter. I don’t know if my face showed it, but a man passing the opposite direction arrested me with the aforementioned three words.  He passed me and delivered these words in a way that has shaken me for days. He looked directly in my eyes and said in a very quiet and meek tone, “Jesus loves you”.

The words alone had power. But it was the delivery. The delivery really reached me.

I have heard those words before so many times. And I have said them countless times as well. But for some reason in that moment I was hearing them afresh.

To sweeten this moment even more was the fact that I ran into the same man again. You see the lake that I walked around is about 3 miles long. So, this afforded me another opportunity to run into this man. This is exactly what happened.

It was so funny too! I had the same reaction. I was taken aback and unprepared. The second encounter was as intense, and yet mild, as the first. Again this unknown man spoke past my exterior into the core of my being.

Sometimes I have to yield my heart to this crazy truth. Jesus loves me. Jesus loves you.

And sometimes He goes out of the way in small, still, and unexpected moments to stop us dead in tracks. He calms the storm and allows the dust to settle. Or he meets us in the fire and fury. He finds us and takes us aside and says, “I love You”. Or he speaks through his sons and daughters and tells us, “Jesus loves You”.

Maybe under further inspection I might find that Jesus is doing this sort of thing to us all the time. We may just be blind to it. And maybe, just maybe, there are other people that are sharing this sentiment of love with us constantly. We might be too shrouded with business to see it clearly.

Well if that’s the case..

I have three words to give you this morning, noon, and evening …

Jesus Loves You.

Friar Francis

Embrace Vulnerability

Oh that the dam would break within us!
Oh that the living waters would flow!
Oh that we would see clearly and rightly!
Oh that we would see ourselves like our God does!

Embrace vulnerability my soul!
Leap for joy my heart!
Live with a wholeness uncommon to the boundaries of our contemporary pasture!

Frolic through the fields and be utterly free!
Make known to the earth your song!
Sing loudly!
Sing vibrantly!

Take the risk to be fully alive!
After all it is this is the glory of our King!

Friar Francis

Faint not my heart. Trust deeply in Your God.

God: Guard your time. Guard your heart. Seek me in a steady pace.Your faithful efforts are not futile. Like I have said many times before: All who truly seek Me will find me. What they will find will astound and delight their hearts. Do not lose hope. Do not lose your trust.

Me: Faint not my heart. Trust deeply in Your God.

friar francis

Teach Me Lord

Teach me Lord

Teach me to pray.

Teach me to stay in your presence Father.

Teach me to love well.

Teach me to live above hell.

Teach me to see the way you do.

Teach me to be true.

Teach me to reach.

Teach me to live what I preach.

Teach me to teach.

Teach me to be present to each.

Teach me Lord.

I will follow you.

Embrace the Juxtaposition

Embrace the Juxtaposition

It has been quite a feast for my eyes the last few weeks. My ocular instruments have enjoyed the bounty produced by the Fall foliage. I cant get enough of this goodness that lies before me and all around me.

Never have I been so memorized by a season in my life. This is the first time in my adulthood that I have enjoyed Autumn.

Autumn is a stunning lady. She is a woman, who in her death, dies gracefully, pleasantly, and majestically. She is a woman that has captivated my heart.

In her slow death she has taught me so much. She has taught me to savor each season. She has taught me to savor each moment. She has taught me to be patient. She has taught me to share in the joy of natural and unblemished radiance. She has shown me a glimpse of this idea- death can be beautiful!

But most of all she has taught me to embrace juxtapositions. She has revived and birthed within me a philosophy and theology of both-and-thinking.

While death is present, there is the possibility of joy and beauty being there too. She has reminded me that life is multilayered and interconnected.

She has rejoined me to the bigger picture. She has engaged my heart, my dear heart who falls prey to compartmentalized living. I can’t separate the parts of myself! And I can’t separate you from me!

I must embrace the complexity of my day! And so should you! We should enjoy the various shades of who are and what we experience.

Let us embrace this beautiful woman- Autumn!

Let us embrace the wonder and joys of our lives, as well as the dismal and frustrating aspects too. Let us count it all. Let us count it all joy!

Take a moment this evening to reflect on the Autumn in your life.

What are the juxtapositions going on in your life?

How are the leaves turning in you life?

What is dying in your life? Can you find beauty in this death?

I love you friends! Enjoy the complexity of it all. Enjoy every variation and color change in your life. Don’t be afraid to embrace it all the same time.

Friar Francis

Confess: Get the Heaviness off Our Chest

Let us sit at the foot of the cross this evening.

Let the shadow of the cross be our refuge from the beating sun.

Let us feel the breadth and depth of the burdens that weigh us down;

Let this be our motivation in this moment.


Let us turn to God.

Let us turn to each other.


In both let us find:











Get the heaviness off our chest.

Let’s Challenge Ourselves: Forgive

Let’s challenge ourselves today:

Let’s take out our calenders, phones, planners, or a scrap sheet of paper. Whatever it is that keeps us somewhat organized or on a schedule. On that planning device, let’s mark these words: FORGIVE.

Let’s schedule this activity as a weekly occurrence. Although, daily is the goal that we aspire to.

Let’s take a moment of silence and sit still.

Let us calm our busy souls.

Let the Father or let your conscience speak to you.

Let’s ask the hard questions:

What is on my heart?

What is this heaviness?

What is hidden, inconspicuous to me?

Reveal to me my offense(s) and the offense(s) placed upon.

Let us the feel the weight of the pain, and the debt that has been accrued.

After we have felt the pain and acknowledge the damaged done, as much as we can from our end of offense:

Let’s let it go!

Let the person go!

Let the people go!

Let yourself go!

Remove the debt because your debt has already paid!

Let us take every opportunity to free ourselves and others from the bondage of unforgiveness, bitterness, hate, envy, anger, murder, and death.

Let us remember this simple [and yet complex] thing:

” If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you withhold forgiveness from any, it is withheld ”

Friar Francis

El Camino from a different point of view

This is incredible! I would love to do this with some of my friends at Barnabas Prep! My heart swoons with warmth at the thought of such journeying. Life happens when we walk together on the path seemed impossible! Buen Camino Peregrino!


Thanks for sharing this! 

Creative Travel

On November 30th, 2012 the Theatre Gongora of Cordoba, Spain will release for the first time the documentary “El desorden de los sentidos” in Spanish. A Documentary of “La Maleta Proyectos Culturales” by Alejandro G. Salgado, that shows the journey of 2 disabled young men (with the help of one of their father’s and a worker at ASPAVI) who will drive us along the 800 Kms of the French Way to Santiago.

At creative travel we can’t wait for the documentary to be more accessible so we can feel and experience through their own senses a different way to see the Camino.
For now, we have this trailer that gives us a small taste of what the documentary will look like.


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Fashion Our Footsteps in the Way of Forgiveness

Fashion our Footsteps.

May our heels sink deep into the earth.

May the weight of what we walk in be evident in each step.

The weight is congruent to our fullness,

Our fullness is love.

May the impression that we leave on our paths be of an eternal magnitude.

Train our feet to walk in the ancient and yet contemporary ways of forgiveness.

Let us run on the wind.

Let us be swift as the air that dances on the waves of the ocean.

Let our movements and motions be of supernatural agility. 

Let this be our honest and pure anthem:

We are quick to forgive,

We are quick to release debt,

We are quick to grant freedom and pardon.

Only You can properly teach us these ways.

Teach us Yourself.

Teach us through each other.

Fashion our footsteps in the Way of Forgiveness.