Looking for Love?

Looking for Love?

There is an itch in my soul that I cannot seem to scratch.

There is a hollow within me that needs to be filled.

Spirit won’t you come and fill me with Your Wind?


And then He said to me:

Son, what you are seeking is Love.


And then I spoke back to Him:

Here am I. Here I am. I come with an insistent heart.


Teach me how to love.


Teach me how to love and be loved.

Teach me how to You and be loved by You.

Teach me how to love others and be loved others.

Teach me how to love myself and be loved myself.


He then said to me:

You know love.

You know how to love.

Start with the person in front of you.


Love the poor.

Love those who hate you.

Love those who do not love you.

Love those whose spirits are broken.

Lay down your life again and again and you will find life and love unspeakable.

Give yourself for the sake of Love, and in return you and without fail, Love will find you.


Embrace Vulnerability

Oh that the dam would break within us!
Oh that the living waters would flow!
Oh that we would see clearly and rightly!
Oh that we would see ourselves like our God does!

Embrace vulnerability my soul!
Leap for joy my heart!
Live with a wholeness uncommon to the boundaries of our contemporary pasture!

Frolic through the fields and be utterly free!
Make known to the earth your song!
Sing loudly!
Sing vibrantly!

Take the risk to be fully alive!
After all it is this is the glory of our King!

Friar Francis

Confess: Get the Heaviness off Our Chest

Let us sit at the foot of the cross this evening.

Let the shadow of the cross be our refuge from the beating sun.

Let us feel the breadth and depth of the burdens that weigh us down;

Let this be our motivation in this moment.


Let us turn to God.

Let us turn to each other.


In both let us find:











Get the heaviness off our chest.

Familiar Numbness

A familiar numbness raps at the door of my heart:


Numbness: Let me in!I have come to dine with you.

Me: No!


Me: My heart has no room for you at the Table of Intimacy.

Numbness: But I have brought you the most sumptuous delights this fine evening. I have soup and salad and the most sensational deserts.

(Numbness calculating his words)

Numbness: If you wish, we can drown ourselves in the soup of sadness and eat the crisp taste of the salad of sullenness.


And, then… yes… then… we can dive headlong into the dessert of distractions. Of these, we can eat until your heart is completely filled.

Then, let us move to the living room and find comfort and warmth by the fireplace. You know, the fireplace, without fire. We can fix our gaze on the television set right above. We can watch our latest shows until the screen becomes blurry and all pain has ceased.

(Interjection by The Father)

The Father: Son, you have spent too much time entertaining this fool. It is time for you to come to the Table. There is bread and there is water. Come and have your fill. Loaves of Life and Water for your Wellsprings await you. And there will be wine to drink, although it may be something of an acquired taste. We will drink of your sufferings together but the taste at the end will be sweet!

(The Father looks into me deeply)

When you are full, let us tell stories. Let us recount the journeys and adventures we encountered today.

(Me, at the door)

Me: Well Numbness, The Father has given me a better offer. I must go now.

(After thought)

Me: And like I said, there is honestly no room for you ate table.

Friar Francis