I Have A DREAM: Normalcy No More!!!

Did you know?:

MLK’s speech almost didn’t include “I have a dream”. I read this in several articles.

King had suggested the familiar “Dream” speech that he used in Detroit for his address at the march, but his adviser the Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker called it “hackneyed and trite.”

So, the night before the march, King’s staff crafted a new speech, “Normalcy Never Again.”

King was the last speaker to address the crowd in Washington that day. As he spoke, gospel singer Mahalia Jackson called out to King, “Tell ’em about the dream, Martin.”

Then he paused and said, “I still have a dream.”

Walker was out in the audience. “I said, ‘Oh, s—.'”

“I thought it was a mistake to use that,” Walker recalled. “But how wrong I was. It had never been used on a world stage before.”

The rest is history. And we all know the impact of using the phrase.

I, Gary Francis, LOVE knowing that there are two titles to King’s speech. Of course I am riveted by the later, ” I Have a Dream”, but I am equally dismantled and transformed by the aforementioned title, “Normalcy Never Again”.

It is the anthem and scream of a selfless, sacrificial, justice-filled life (and community) living in the middle and on the periphery of revolution. It is a reminder that status quo living entrenched in marginalization, bigotry, hate, prejudice, stereotyping, and victimization is not to be the regular heartbeat of our or any society.

It is a check in our spirits and hearts that reminds us to LOVE ALL people well. It a judgement placed on us if we keep silent about the evils in our society both near and far. Especially if your ethos, belief system, faith, and way of living beckons your soul to do so. You and I have the ability to choose a better way.

Normalcy Never again is an encouragement to be radical and prophetic in the way we live.It is to be unafraid and unashamed to call out what is wrong while simultaneously living a new and better way of life! But let us live it first in our actions then dictate with our words(as much as we can)!

I Have Dream.

It is this:

Normalcy Never Again!!!


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