Who Am I Challenge

The “Who AM I Challenge”


  1. Ask God, Who am I?
  2. Set a timer for either 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes.
  3. Write down all the things that He tells you.
  4. In a week go back to what you wrote.
  5. Take 30 minutes to make edits.
  6. Share what you wrote with at least three people.
  7. Place what you wrote in an area that you can see it every day. (A rough draft is perfectly fine. No perfectionism!)
  8. Remind yourself of these truths every day.
  9. Live the things that you wrote.
  10. Revisit this challenge every three months.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you write your “Who I AM” Challenge:

  • Who does God say that you are? This can be directly from God, the Bible, or what you know of yourself.
  • What is true about your character and nature, regardless of circumstances or experience(s)?
  • How do you describe yourself?
  • How do others describe you? What is true about those comments? (Just worry about the true statements)

Who am I Challenge: Gary Lloyd Francis

In each person resides immutable and irreplaceable truths. They are words, statements, virtues, marks of character, and composites of personality that are buried deep within one’s being. They are actions birth from beliefs. Beliefs that come from one source.

These beliefs are granted to us from Our Creator- The Great I AM. They are shaped in the milieu of one’s life and illuminated within the interactions of other people. They are seated in the core of who we are. They are essentially who we are irrespective of circumstances or how we may feel.

And although they do not change, new truths are revealed to us every day. Our job is to live in these virtues and allow Our God to unearth new truths- glorious revelations- day by day. In the midst of living we must fight, remain, and remind ourselves of these “I am” statements.

We fight. We fight because we are actively in a war for our lives. We are threaten by an evil one who desires to hold our hearts and glory hostage. He desires to destroy us before the beauty of who we are is fully revealed.

We remain. We remain in God’s love because this is where truth and reality live. This is our home and where we come from. This is the beacon that sheds light on eternity’s shores.

We remind. We remind ourselves because quiet simply- we forget. As humans, Christ-followers, people created from God, we are prone to spiritual amnesia. We often fall into fog and forget who we are. This may be one of the reasons why the Bible was created- to help us remember who we are.

Today I want to do an exercise in who I am. Today I want to hold fast to the truths about who I am. I fight, remain, and remind myself.  I boldly declare them through my writing and through my living. I want to remind myself, those who I am connected to, and those I will know in near and distant future of who I am. And I want to live accordingly.

I am Gary Lloyd Francis

I am loved. I was created by Love and for love. The most essential part of who I am is love. Although various storylines of my life may try to dictate otherwise, I know this to be true about me. I say this first because it is the most obvious, conspicuous, and vital in my life.



Vital. This has been the greatest attacks of the enemy on my heart.

I am son.

I am a bridge. A mediator between worlds. I am foundation, asphalt, gravel, cobble . I lay my life down like my Father. I connect people who otherwise would not be connected. I am man who is fond of the hybrid. I love marrying worlds. I love the poor become friends with the rich. And verse vica. Vice Versa.

I am …

I am a Son. I am a father in the making. Since the precipice of my conception I have been warring these truths. This a battle that I fight every day. The absence of my father in my life hurts me unending and strengthens me like no other. I am weakly strong in believing these truths about myself- I am a son and father to be.

I am a child of God

I am loved

I am funny. God has given me a laugh like no other. He has given me the gift of laugh. He has peeled my eyelids and ear drums to see and hear things that are humorous. Peculiar, weird, ridiculous, and obnoxiously humorous.

I am intelligent. Specifically emotional intelligent.

I am wise.

I am humble. This sounds like a counterintuitive statement but not as one would seem to think it. He has graced me to fall senselessly into the most humbling of moments. I am ever falling into, entertaining, sharing, and living my life embracing the most humbling experiences. Whether it is

I am very creative. This falls directly and indirectly in line with the nature of my God. He is a creator and therefore I do the same.

I am an usher. Papa has gifted me with an inexplicable means to draw people into the presence of God.

I am intuitive

I am athletic.

I am a dancer. I like drop it, spin it, slide it, and jump like it’s hot.

I am discerning

I am powerful

I am a writer

I am watchman

I am prophetic

I am a prophet. This one is hard to say sometimes. Especially when I am concerned about the thoughts of others around me. But it is true.

I am a seer

I am a visionary

I am joyful. This may very well be the chief attribute of my existence.

I am a healer

I am loving

I am a lover

I am intentional

I am a seeker of Truth

I am intense waters

I am a fire starter

I am a pioneer

I am an initiator

I am an encourager. This maybe my favorite way to exist. This is one of the places that the enemy works against me the most.

I am an advocate to the friendless and marginalized

I am listener. My ears are on the inside. I hear the best from my heart and not from my physical appendages.

I am a prayerful man

I am a man

I am man of God

I am a Father

I am a husband

I am Christ-follower

I am passionate

I am a tennis and volleyball enthusiast and player

I am an expression of God’s desires

I am God’s banner of love

I embody and imbue joy

I am One with the One

I am a part of the family of God

I am a part of the Body of Christ

I am a bride

I am lead by the Spirit

I am fearfully, carefully, and wonderfully made

I am bold

I am curious

I am gentle

I am adventurous

I am fighter

I am might warrior

I am a carrier of the spear (Gary)

I am holy

I am a freeman. This is what Francis means.

I am one who lives with beautiful tension and has overcome

I am teacher. More expressly I am an experiential teacher. I love teaching as one who teaches an apprentice. I love working side by side with others.

I am forgiving, merciful, and gracious

I am generous

Tag. You are it… Who are you?

Friar Francis


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