Uganda Update #1: I Need Your Help

Hey Friends and Family,

Here is a little update on Uganda and my Fundraising efforts:

Trip Update

                So it is official, my tickets have been purchased, and I will be going to Uganda December 29th and returning to Northwest Arkansas on January 14th. My schedule will be packed from beginning to end. Words cannot express the excitement and anticipation that is welling up inside of me.

The updated itinerary is as follows:

  • Layover in Amsterdam on the departure leg of the trip
  • Ugandan New Year’s Celebration with thousands of people in a stadium
  • Meetings concerning chicken farms and their future locations. (Poultry Project)
  • Hands on learning experience on sustainable development
  • Two to three Speaking engagements
  • Delivering disability and athletic equipment to Ekisa Orphanage
  • Touring other orphanages and Champions Academy
  • Dance Therapy Session
  • Home visits
  • Safari
  • Eat grasshoppers, especially since they will be in season
  • Visit Oasis Uganda and Dave Caswell (Anti-traffiking organization)

Fundraising Update

I have great news, I have gotten all the funds I need for the sports and disability equipment! A big thanks to Nelson D. for his gift (I know you wanted to be anonymous but I am really grateful for your gift).  In addition to this, while playing league volleyball, I mentioned my Uganda trip to my friend Julia Roe. And now, the Yvonne Richardson Community Center has agreed to donate soccer balls, athletic uniforms, and other equipment. #Winning! These items will go to the orphanages we will visit.

So far I have raised $1000 towards the trip. Thank you so much Brett and Alyson Haynes, Dennis and Linda Peterson, my mom (Joan Clarke) and Barnabas Prep for my paycheck! I am very grateful for your support.

However, I need your help for the rest. Por favor! I have $2300 left to raise. If I can get 23 people to donate $100 each or 46 people to do $50 each I will be set for my trip. Technically, my deadline for all of my funds is due on December 17th. If you can help in any way possible I would greatly appreciate it! If you cannot help financially, then you can help in three other ways:

  1. You can pray for me and/or send some inspiration my way.
  2. You can direct me to other people who may be able help out financially.
  3. You can journey with me through social media.

I want you to be a part of the trip as much as possible. I am planning to take lots of photos, blog, journal, and bring back African art.  I have even joined Instagram recently in order to share with you in that way too.

Here are the ways you can send me gifts/donations:

Paypal. This the best and preferred way. My paypal account is linked to these emails- or Click here to use this method. You can use this link for this method. The only setback to this options is that  GofundMe takes out %7.9 cut for using their site.

Mail me or email me.  My address is as follows 3005 W Dorothy Jeanne St Apt 7 , Fayetteville, AR 72704.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Thanks you all for always being fantastic people in my life. I hope you are enjoying a sensational holiday and Christmas season thus far!


2 thoughts on “Uganda Update #1: I Need Your Help

    • Wow. My heart is filled with gratitude and excess of joy. You have encouraged me beyond words. Now, all the more , I want to press forward in Gods love.

      I will definitely do as you have said. I will live, abundantly, and follow him.

      I am really honored to know you. And I hope we can meet some day in the near future.

      Blessing in heaps and mounds my friend!

      Friar Francis

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