Embrace the Juxtaposition

Embrace the Juxtaposition

It has been quite a feast for my eyes the last few weeks. My ocular instruments have enjoyed the bounty produced by the Fall foliage. I cant get enough of this goodness that lies before me and all around me.

Never have I been so memorized by a season in my life. This is the first time in my adulthood that I have enjoyed Autumn.

Autumn is a stunning lady. She is a woman, who in her death, dies gracefully, pleasantly, and majestically. She is a woman that has captivated my heart.

In her slow death she has taught me so much. She has taught me to savor each season. She has taught me to savor each moment. She has taught me to be patient. She has taught me to share in the joy of natural and unblemished radiance. She has shown me a glimpse of this idea- death can be beautiful!

But most of all she has taught me to embrace juxtapositions. She has revived and birthed within me a philosophy and theology of both-and-thinking.

While death is present, there is the possibility of joy and beauty being there too. She has reminded me that life is multilayered and interconnected.

She has rejoined me to the bigger picture. She has engaged my heart, my dear heart who falls prey to compartmentalized living. I can’t separate the parts of myself! And I can’t separate you from me!

I must embrace the complexity of my day! And so should you! We should enjoy the various shades of who are and what we experience.

Let us embrace this beautiful woman- Autumn!

Let us embrace the wonder and joys of our lives, as well as the dismal and frustrating aspects too. Let us count it all. Let us count it all joy!

Take a moment this evening to reflect on the Autumn in your life.

What are the juxtapositions going on in your life?

How are the leaves turning in you life?

What is dying in your life? Can you find beauty in this death?

I love you friends! Enjoy the complexity of it all. Enjoy every variation and color change in your life. Don’t be afraid to embrace it all the same time.

Friar Francis


3 thoughts on “Embrace the Juxtaposition

  1. A poem by Mary Oliver springs immediately to mind when I read your post. ‘In Blackwater Woods.’ It’s about nature, death, beauty and ‘letting go.’ It’s amazing. x

    • I just read that poem! It was refreshing to my soul!

      I especially enjoyed these lines:

      ” To live in this world

      you must be able
      to do three things:
      to love what is mortal;
      to hold it

      against your bones knowing
      your own life depends on it;
      and, when the time comes to let it go,
      to let it go.”

      I love that!

      I plan to post that poem on my blog in the near future!

      And by the way I would love it if you would guest blog someday on this site! I really appreciate you and your thoughts. You are an encouragement!

      Friar Francis

      • It would be an absolute honour to guest on your blog, I am genuinely touched, thank you…

        And those lines in the poem are the lines that moved me so much when I read them, I found myself crying. Powerful stuff this living business.

        LV xx

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