Quick Update: I am Going to Uganda

Uganda Updatw

Hey Friends,

The following is a little dialogue between you and me. It will give you a little update on my upcoming trip to Uganda:

Our Conversation

ME: Wow! Well, there is a lot going on in my life here in Northwest Arkansas. There are so many things I could share with you but let me tell you the most recent.

You: Whoa! What’s going on?

Me: I am…

You: You are???…

Me: I am … As you may already know, via Facebook, heading to Uganda.

You: What!?!?!

Me: Yeah, it’s kinda crazy. I wasn’t really planning this at the beginning of the year, but here I am ready to jump into this adventure. It’s nuts because I have always wanted to go to an African nation but it never seemed to work out.  I had thought of doing disability stuff with Joni and Friends for my Graduate Practicum, but essentially the timing never worked out. It looks like the time has come now though!

You: Wow, that’s crazy man! When are you planning to go?

Me: So, yeah, I leave around December 27 and I will be there for a little over two weeks! I am travelling with a small team connected with an organization called Forgotten Song. Forgotten Song is an organization that does self-sustainable projects in war-torn countries. (Check out the hyperlinks)

You: What will you do there? Where will you be?

Me: Well, I have quite a few objectives that I would like to accomplish on this trip but I will just list four for now.

1. I want to visit, participate, and learn from orphanages in Kampala and Jinja. In particular I will spend time at Ekisa, a home to over 20 kids with special needs. This home is connected to 99 balloons– an organization that you should check out!
2. I will glean, participate, and learn some of the best practices for self-sustainability projects and businesses. Two initiatives that I will focus on are a poultry project and a chocolate business.
3. I want to learn from and share life with my Ugandan brothers and sisters.

Here are some items on my itinerary:

– Visit orphanages, churches, schools, and organization connected with disability and/or marginalized people groups.
– Spend time with Ugandan host families.
–  Speak at churches and other organizations.
– Put on a dance therapy session.
– Attend a New Year’s stadium celebration.
– Shadow Ugandan Pastors and leaders.
– Provide at least two orphanages with volleyball, soccer, and other athletic equipment. Put on a small volleyball clinic (Maybe).
– Eat grasshoppers. A friend told me that I must do this!
– I will update you with other info when I have more time. This is just a quick synopsis.

Another thing to note, is that this trip will also be a means to cast vision for future events in my life and our community.

Ok, that’s what I have so far to say. Let’s chat soon!
Remember that you are greatly loved!
Friar Francis


6 thoughts on “Quick Update: I am Going to Uganda

  1. Wow. What an amazing opportunity!! I’m so pleased for you and pleased for all the people who you’ll get to meet and share your life with for the duration of your trip. And I have no doubt you’ll make life-long friends too. God bless xx

    • Yeah, Let’s do that! I believe Father has something extraordinary and extravagant for you in this season! Just hold on to see His glory in your life.

      I can’t wait to chat about Uganda stuff too!

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