Drop it like its hot Elmo!

Hey Friends,

Here is a fun and ridiculous moment of my day!

I encourage you to create your own ridiculous moment for your day and for others!

Some days you just need take the randomness of the day and go with it!

Today I urge you take hold of the silly, weird, funny, comical, and non-sensical moments of your life and run with it!

Embrace the hilarity of your idiosyncrasies and interesting talents!

You never know what could result from it!

Love yourself, love others, love God!

Friar Francis


2 thoughts on “Drop it like its hot Elmo!

    • Thanks!

      It was just one of those days! I walked into my office and I saw this Elmo stuffed in a jar. A candy jar of all things! One of my workers saw my facial expression and then urged me to use my “Elmo voice”. The next thing you know we were making videos with Elmo. By far this was the funniest of the lot! My co-workers and I could not resist the temptation.

      I am glad you enjoyed it!

      I hope you are enjoying an incredibly joy-driven and peace encompassing day Little (but Mighty) Voice!


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