Praying the Scriptures

Hey Friends,

Here is a Spiritual Practice that may be helpful to you or your community today:

Praying the Scriptures 

Take a passage of scripture and pray according to the passage(s). You can literally use the words from the verses as the content of your prayer. This is one of my favorite ways of connecting with God and with others.

I love it for several reasons:

1. It unites. It bonds us intimately with generations of Christ followers- with the ancient scriptural authors, our spiritual predecessors, and with the saints of all ages who have done the same. And it unites us with Holy Spirit, who breathed life into the original words.  

2. It takes the pressure off of you and your community. As a group or an individual sometimes we feel we must conjure up all the words and thoughts of our prayers. For various reasons we are duped into thinking me must have fancy and eloquent words in order to communicate to God. This practice gives a framework or springboard of sorts in which to engage in prayer. It builds into our heart a language of connectivity.  

3. It gives you something to look forward to.  I love that many verses in the Bible are also promises and gifts that God intends us to have. When we pray through scriptures, especially if we are intentional to chronicle our prayers, we begin to build the dialogue for thanksgiving. All of sudden not only are we connecting to each other and God, but we are building our faith and hope in Him. We are priming ourselves for moments of gratitude and joy- even the type of joy that is accompanied with suffering. Consequently, we instantly become witnesses to the conception, pregnancy, growth, and fulfillment of individual and communal promises, miracles, and acts of love from God.


In my next post I will give two examples of praying the scriptures.     

I hope you met the hidden treasures of joy nestled in the journey of your life today.

Lets meet again soon Friends!  



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