Make My Nakedness Holy Again

A soul made naked am I

Exposed for all to see

That which delights the eye

And that which makes one flee



There is a wind that blows upon me

It is frigid, cruel, and icy

Oh, what would I give for a blanket

That warms and consoles me nicely


Instead of the dregs of death

That breathe warmly and heavily upon my neck

Massaging me with countless lies

Creeping and crawling like an insect


Instead I ask

Instead I plea

Cover me God

And  then uncover me


Cover me with oil

Wash me clean

Cleanse me until I am new

Make me a child that is seen


Take a way every stain

Remove the residue

Take away the leaves

That I hold onto


Make my nakedness holy again

The way you created me at first

Make my heart sing again

Give my bareness a new verse


Friar Francis


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