Fashion Our Footsteps in the Way of Forgiveness

Fashion our Footsteps.

May our heels sink deep into the earth.

May the weight of what we walk in be evident in each step.

The weight is congruent to our fullness,

Our fullness is love.

May the impression that we leave on our paths be of an eternal magnitude.

Train our feet to walk in the ancient and yet contemporary ways of forgiveness.

Let us run on the wind.

Let us be swift as the air that dances on the waves of the ocean.

Let our movements and motions be of supernatural agility. 

Let this be our honest and pure anthem:

We are quick to forgive,

We are quick to release debt,

We are quick to grant freedom and pardon.

Only You can properly teach us these ways.

Teach us Yourself.

Teach us through each other.

Fashion our footsteps in the Way of Forgiveness. 


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