Silence: Silence Has Lead us Here

The late hour has arrived.

Let us enter into the gazebo of unspoken words.

Let us take our take out phones, our watches, or timers. Let’s set it for five minutes.

Then, sit.

Do nothing.

Enter into the world of true reality,

Smell the light breeze of Silence,

Allow our senses to come alive as we still our hearts.

Silence has lead us here.

This is the place we belong.


4 thoughts on “Silence: Silence Has Lead us Here

    • Thanks for the blessing. I appreciate you commenting on this post. Silence is a practice that I really cherish a lot. It is in this place that I have had my closest encounters with God and with other people. And some of my most profound lessons of life have come from my encounters with silence. May Father bless you with gentle and comforting peace today Diana!

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