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The last few days went by faster than a Razorback fan leaving church on Gameday Sunday.  (Sorry, that was my poor attempt  to be culturally relevant- I will get better along the way)…

The rEcess Training session went well. I think it is safe to say that Brentwood Baptist is on its way to having a incredible rEcess Program at their church. Ellie, their disabilities Director, was incredibly hospitable. She imbued all the good qualities of true Southern hospitality. Her team seemed ready and eager to put their hearts and hands to work for the benefit of others. I pray that Father gives them eyes and hearts like His to help them on their journey!


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Team Building

My absolute favorite part of our trip had to be our “Team Building Exercise”. This was the part of the trip where we ran out of gas. Yes, that’s right, ran out of gas.

Why and how it happened is not important (but let’s just say that the gas light was not visible to any human eye). I am so glad that we did though. It proved to be the moment that solidified that we were a team- and that we were friends.

My personal litmus test for relationships is based on how people act towards each other in moments of apparent adversity. For its in these moments that we either unravel or shine in our character. In these moments we tend to live in our “go-to” reactions; opting to show our true feelings on the matter.

As Matt said, “We passed!”. The moment that could have been riddled with frustration and annoyance was instead filled with joy and abounding pleasantries. It was really nothing spectacular from the human eye. however, the way and matter in which we handle the situation was something to behold.

Instantly there was verification in my spirit that I was among good company. I was a part of something lovely and meaningful. It will be great to see what God does with rEcess in the days to come.


Now that we are back home I found myself doing something that I never thought I would do. I have entered the world of Pinterest. Haha!

I was merely intending to learn more about portable sensory rooms. And then bam! I was there pinning things that I never knew I could. Let’s just hope that this thing isn’t habit forming! LOL!

I hope all of you are enjoying an incredible week thus far!

Continue to enjoy the journey

friar francis


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