The Creature, The Creator, and Creativity

The Creature Speaks:

When will my creativity be released?

When will it blast through the one-layer canvass of mundane life?

Was I only meant for the two dimensional plateau?

Likewise was the semblance of my personhood relegated to three-dimensional realm?

For what I seek to express cannot bind itself to the natural order as we know it

In defiance it bursts forth from the typical boundaries of time

Its cries, stretches, and strains towards its Source

Its origin comes from You

It cries for release

Release me

Why won’t You let me go?

Set me free

Set me free to speak

Set me free to dance

Set me free to live

Set me free to breathe

Set me free to give

Set me free to receive

Set me free



The Creator Responds:

You are free

You are free to receive

You are free to give

You are free to breathe

You are free to live

You are free to dance

You are free to speak

Release Me from blame

Why won’t you let go?

Fear holds you back

It’s the origin of your predicament

I hear your cries. I see you stretch. I see you strain.

Together, we are not relegated to the boundaries of time

For what you seek to express, my Spirit gives you utterance to speak

You were created in my image

You are not fixed to the three-dimensional realm

You were meant to live beyond the two-dimensional plateau

You will blast through the one-layer canvass of mundane life

Your creativity will be released when you let go of fear



Creativity Breathes:



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