Fool For You

Sometimes I don’t know how this is suppose to work out with You and I. You have all the advantages in the world.

You know it all. I know nothing. The little that I do know, pales in comparison. I feel like my second home is in the darkness. I live on 123 Abyss St. My neighbors are ‘I don’t know” and ‘Huh’.

With all of my ignorance though, I still find myself bafflingly drawn towards You. I have never seen your face but I hinge my life on being with You. I am not sure if I have ever heard your voice but somehow I know that you speak to me regularly.

I  am so frustrated. To know you, is to is to be shrouded in mystery. It is to walk in mist.

Why do you delight in hiding yourself? Why can’t I touch you?

You make my heart ache, God. All the day long I search for You in various ways. I only get glimpses of you.

My soul is mocked.

I am like a fool to some.

I am man of strong sensitivity and emotion. I am river of emotion and sensitivity. You run my river dry.


You also replenish the river of life.

The river of life that has been spent in loving You.


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