Friar Francis in Fayetteville

Hey Friends!

Just wanted to give ya an update on my journey now that I have settled into Fayetteville.  Some of you have asked me to keep a blog to chronicle  my time here in Fayetteville. So, here it is!

Here is a little bit of what I have been up to:

– June 12 was the sad and exciting day that I left the beautiful state of California.

– My first stop was Lakeland, Florida.  I hung out with my best friend Anthony, Grandma Shirley, and some other old and new friends from the Covenant Center.

– A week later I found myself in my hometown of Miramar Florida. I had a pleasant time with my family.  Some of the highlights of the 2 weeks were: celebrating my cousin Troy’s graduation (He got his MBA), visiting Granny’s gravesite as a family and doing a full fledged family photo shoot!

– On July first the big day had finally arrived! I moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas.

– I have been stay with my really good friends Ben and Heather Richards and there baby Ethan.

– The first two weeks were filled with adjustments, random job opportunities, interviews for full time jobs, meeting new people, and other miscellanous exploits.

– Missouri was my next stop. I went to Camp Barnabas for a week! Even after not being there for three years, my time at camp was incredibly wonderful! There is no place like it!

– After camp I returned home. The very next day I started my new job. It’s actually the second of two jobs. I am working as a Beach Master at MrBeaches Travel Agency. Or in laymans terms- I am working as a travel agent at an incredible travel agency!

– My other job is involved at New Heights Church! I helping launch a Disabilities ministry!

So much has happened. And with the passing time I have also seen how much I miss you guys and gals!

Let’s catch up really soon.

Friar Francis

Before I went to Fayetteville I about three weeks

As far as work is concerned I am


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